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Tuboscope and Company



Tuboscope is your single resource for the most comprehensive package of oilfield tubular services established worldwide.


Tuboscope has been performing inspections on oilfield tubular goods for over 65 years. From our beginning, in a single machine shop established in 1938, we now have a presence in over 180 locations in 49 countries spanning  six continents. Tuboscope prides itself on delivering to the client true knowledge of your tubular string condition. We are continuing the Tuboscope tradition of providing value added services which reduce your risk, enhance your bottom line, protect your investment and add to your productivity and growth.  


With a strong commitment to continuously improve and provide state-of-the-art inspections globally, Tuboscope have been successful in eliminating the extreme high cost of down-time due to drill pipe, casing, tubing and sucker rod defects.


With Tuboscope as your inspection service company you have instant access to an unprecedented depth of talent, proven experience and industry-leading technologies to maximize the profitability of your projects.


Tuboscope invented the internal tubular coating process in the 1930s and has led this global industry ever since, pioneering the use of advanced plastic-coatings technology to substantially enhance the performance of your tubulars and your bottom line.


Our coatings are manufactured in Houston, Texas, and applied at our 14 facilities around the world. They have consistently set the standard for maximizing the useful life of tubular by reducing wear, increasing hydraulic efficiency, preventing corrosion and controlling the buildup of harmful scale, paraffin or asphaltene.


All of which enhances your bottom line by helping you get the most value from your tubulars, the most productivity from your operation and the most profit from your investment.

Inspection Services:

Tubing Inspection

Casing Inspection

Sucker Rod Inspection

Line Pipe Inspection

Drill Pipe Inspection

BHA Inspection

Flowline and Pipeline Inspection Systems


Coating Services:


Internal Plastic Coatings for Tubing, Casing and Line Pipe

GRE Lined Tubing, Casing and Line Pipe

External Three Layer Coating Systems

External Ryt-Wrap Coating

Thru-Kote Internal Sleeve Systems


Scope of Services

Brandt, a National Oilwell Varco Company, specializes in the design, manufacture, and service of  Solids Control and Waste Management equipment for exploration, production, and industrial applications throughout the world.  As such, we offer the technical staff and expertise to provide engineering services, system design and operation, and proprietary technologies to our clients.

Business Relationships

Brandt believes in long‑term, team partnerships with strategic clients and service providers.  Strict emphasis is placed on providing the most cost‑effective combination of our services to address the needs of our clients, regulatory agencies, our employees, and the community.  This emphasis on quality and innovative solutions has established our reputation as a performance‑based, results‑oriented company with a strong bottom‑line focus.


For over 20 years, Brandt personnel have been providing industry with solid solutions to separation and remediation problems.  Our diversified experience and proven track record allow us to offer a wide range of project capabilities including:

Equipment and  Systems

Vibrating screen separators  - Shakers

All kind of shaker screens

Hydrocyclone separators  -Desilters

Centrifugal separators -Mud Centrifuge

Dewatering Units  - Flocculation

Filtration Units Brine Clarification

Integrated Systems

Other Products

Technical and Engineering Services

Equipment Recommendations

On‑site Technical Support

Pilot Studies

Project Proposals

Process Recommendations

Project Installation and Start‑Up

System and Equipment Design

Remediation Services


Dewatering Systems


Pond Closures

Slurrification and Injection

Sludge Fixation

Soil/Sand washing

Waste minimization

Water Treatment

Custom Manufacturing Services


Screen Separators

Brandt manufactures several screen separator designs.  The single‑screen Standard Separator is designed to process low to moderate capacities of materials requiring coarse screen, 30 mesh or larger, separations.  The dual‑deck Tandem Screen Separator processes moderate to high capacities of 100 mesh and larger separations.  The low maintenance requirements and quiet, dependable operation have made these machines industry standards.

Brandt is the leader in Balanced Elliptical and Linear-Motion Shale Shaker designs.    The Brandt VSM300 Balanced Elliptical Motion incorporates a scalping screen deck , primary screen deck and secondary drying Screen in a small‑footprint, high‑performance unit AC Drive allows the Shaker to be operated at 4 , 6 or 8 Gs at the push of a button..    The Brandt King Cobra and  LCM-3D CM2 Series are the latest designs in linear motion technology.  These units combine independent, dual-motor drive with adjustable G-force for optimum performance.  The King Cobra has a dual canister-motor drive system and an additional drying screen in a reduced footprint design. 

All Brandt linear motion screen units use pre‑tensioned screens and adjustable deck angle to increase screen life and ensure on‑spec material.  Units may supplied with an integral scalping deck, in a multi-deck cascade arrangement, or a primary hydrocyclone stage and a secondary screen stage.  These features have made Brandt the most recommended screen separators available today.

Screen Panels

Advanced Wirecloth provides quality replacement screen panels with a wide range of screen cloth for all screen units.  Screens can be made from market grade, tensile bolting, and high conductance screen cloths in both hook strip and pre-tensioned panels.  The latest innovation, the RHD screen uses a 3 layered rectangular mesh to minimize screen blinding and increase fluid conductance. The Blue HexSM screen incorporates a unique support grid design to provide the only sealing, repairable screen panel.

Hydrocyclone Units

For economical liquid/solids separations in the 10‑100 micron range, Brandt offers a full line of Desander, Desilter, and Hydrofine hydrocyclone units, from 12-inch to 2-inch diameter.  Typically, hydrocyclones are manifolded into units to provide the capacity required for the application.  The cones' all‑polymer construction and standard connections make them a popular choice for retrofit of existing units.  For highly abrasive slurries, some models are available with molded-in ceramic inserts to extend cone life and reduce operating cost.


Brandt offers several models of centrifuge to meet your two-phase liquid solid/separation requirements.  For applications requiring dry cake discharges, Brandt utilizes decanter centrifuges.  single- lead scrolls are available in variable speed electric or hydraulic drive. The Brandt HS3400 centrifuges are designed for low to moderate process rates of fluids weighing up to 18 ppg.  The New  HS2172 centrifuges are high volume machines for maximum solids tonnage removal. 

Dewatering Units

Brandt offers several models of dewatering units, from simple, skid-mounted metering pump and tank modules, to the DWU-250 Dewatering Unit.  The DWU-250 is a self-contained, portable system that includes all mixing and polymer aging tanks, metering pumps, piping and connection points, controls, and quality check points in a modular, weatherized enclosure.  The DWU-250 is used with one or more decanting centrifuges as part of the CED (Chemically Enhanced Dewatering) process.  If desired, a DWU-250 may be equipped with climatized laboratory and office areas.    Special units for tropical or Arctic conditions are also available.   For smaller, short-term projects, Brandt provides a full range of dewatering systems, both trailer- and skid-mounted.

Integrated Systems

All Brandt equipment can be integrated into systems designed for specific applications.  We have over 20 years' experience designing, manufacturing, and operating systems for "Closed Loop" processing of drilling fluids, dewatering systems, cuttings wash systems, product classification systems, and other waste reduction/management systems.  Brandt equipment is currently in service throughout the world, providing excellent results in land and offshore installations, remote areas, processing plants, in‑plant installations, and site remediation projects.

Brandt Closed Loop Mud Systems (CLMS) are custom-designed for your specific application, based on operational, environmental, and economic needs.  A typical CLMS may include one or more primary Screen Separators, Drying Shakers, Mud Conditioner, and Decanting Centrifuge.  Dual centrifuge installations for special applications -- such as weighted oil base muds and synthetic oil- or water-base drilling fluids -- are also readily available.

Waste Management Systems. Are custom designed to meet new environmental legislation .

The Brandt Vortex  Dryer & MUD-10 Dryer process the cuttings slurry discarded by the Shale Shakers and can discharge oil based cuttings below 3  %OOC. In regions where the environmental legislation dictates zero discharge of oil based cutting Brandt provide Cuttings Re- injection System on a purchase or  rental Basis. Brandt also provide Thermal Desorption unit for onshore process of Oil Based Cuttings

Related Equipment

Brandt also offers a full line of mechanical agitators, rig floor fans, degassers, and related equipment.  The MA Series mechanical agitators feature rugged worm/worm gear drive construction for years of trouble-free service.  Bug Blowers are popular in southern climates to cool operations personnel working in ambient conditions.  The DG-5 and DG-10 vacuum degassers have been rated by an independent study as the best-performing degassers for drilling fluid service.  The VG-1 Hy-Flo degasser is a popular, low profile unit with a horizontal pressure vessel.

All equipment is furnished with explosion‑proof electric drives suitable for Class I, Division 1 environments as standard equipment. Options include special materials of construction, feed and discharge arrangements, and system enclosures, as required.


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